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Director: Chief HR Officer





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“I like to focus on things that make a material difference to the performance of the business and the engagement of our people.”

Lou had always travelled in Asia – starting out in Pakistan and Nepal but when she first moved to Asia for work, she imagined she would only stay a year or two. She ended up staying for nine, first in Vietnam, then in Thailand with stints in various other countries too.  During this time, as a management consultant, she managed numerous projects – the most notable being the $30bn merger and recapitalisation of four banks into Bank Mandiri in Indonesia.  Before joining Actis in 2009, Lou worked at Thomson Reuters, Microsoft and Hay Management Consultants. Her love of growth markets led her to Actis, and she immediately found resonance in the firm’s private equity model and the fact that all stakeholders’ interests are aligned.

Lou admires the Actis conscience; she likes the fact that people care about more than just making money, instead wanting to also make a difference to the communities in which they do business. She thrives upon the firm’s diversity and the opportunity it provides to swap life experiences, war stories and jaw-dropping anecdotes from across growth markets.

Lou has a Bachelor of Business degree, majoring in Information Technology and Human Resources, from Victoria University, Australia.